Vårt team

Lång erfarenhet inom byggavdelning


Pedro Sanmateo Trilles


Pedro has lived in Sweden for almost five years. He speaks Swedish and basic English. In Spain, he built more than 100 apartments and houses. He has a long experience in the construction sector, believing that construction business Sweden is not exactly the same as Spain. Pedro has studied International Trade in his hometown, Castelló de Plana.



The supervisor

Christian has worked all his life with stones.

He educated himself in Madrid's University of Arts and School of Sculptors located in Spain, located in Oviedo.
He usually does exhibitions, courses and fairs in Spain. Christian knows many different methods of treating most of the stones found in the market.


Ars ex lapide team

Jaime, Anxo och Alex

We have a bunch of many people with long experience in natural stone.

Everyone is well-trained in art, through courses, colleges and experience with the best sculptors.

They have worked in them the great churches of Spain (Leon, Santiago, Burgos and so on).

Fråga gärna oss !