Om oss


I'm a Spanish entrepreneur who came to Sweden five years ago.

First I started with the language and then with my career as an entrepreneur in Sweden.

Due to my marble and other natural stones business (through, I get some customers interested in getting labor to carry out work with stones.

I have experience in construction business in Spain and my stonemasons and sculptors often perform their jobs outside Spain. Many companies in Sweden choose us because provide best prices and best quality!

Are you interested in  polishing  the floor, like marble, limestone, concrete, granite? You can find us in www.

Our sculptors have a lot of experience in their sector. They have worked in the most famous churches of Spain such as the "Sagrada Familia" in Barcelona, ​​the cathedrals of Leon, Burgos, Santiago de Compostela, etc. So you can be sure in the quality of our job!!!

Our sculptures and stonemasons are very famous in the stone department of Spain and have often worked in Europe. We work with many different types of stones. We know the characteristics of the stones and know how to adapt better to Swedish climate and projects.

There is a restoration of the neighborhood Lejonet (Stora Torget, Lilla Torget and Johans Mäster street). There they have been replacing stones that are too damaged to renovate and renovate they are not as injured.

We work with stones, fountains, paintings, gargoyles, shields, animals, etc.

Stucco work is other specialties that we control, but we prefer natural stones.

What do you want? contact us at

Pedro Sanmateo Trilles